the new digs

Here are a few pictures of our new house. We are so excited to finally be moved in and be done with the apartment life. These pictures were obviously taken before we moved everything inside. If you saw what it looks like now you would cry over the mess! Can't wait to spend all weekend organizing and putting away. Really, it's exciting to find places for things and know that the stuff and the drawer it's in both belong to you. :)

The backyard.

The front room into the kitchen.

The downstairs bathroom. I don't know why I chose this picture to upload but it's here so there.

Another backyard shot.

The master bath. Behind that door is the private can and to the left is the glass shower that already has Jack's face print smeared all over it. Privacy? What's that?

Another kitchen shot.

I just had to throw a couple of the babes in for good measure. Look how much he likes himself! So cute.

Am I really that biased or is my daughter the cutest thing ever?! Couldn't you just eat those cheeks?!

As I get things put together and organized I will post better and more pictures. I want to paint all four rooms upstairs and reupholster some sweet garage sale finds for downstairs and the list just goes on and on. Projects are soooo fun!


Margie Vance said...

I love your new "crib"! And thanks for putting in that bathroom picture. I love that striped look. YOUR KIDS ARE SO DANG CUTE!!! Look at those big dark eyes on Violet. You may be biased but I'm biased along with you :)

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Its beautiful Kat I'm so happy for you guys. I especially love tbe picture of Violet. She is beautiful. She looks just like you with a slight resemblance of Josie. Maybe because you and Josie look so much alike?

jenna said...

how fun!!! LOVE IT. can't wait to see what you do with it. and those cheeks are so precious. mwah.

The Ensign's said...

ok... I'm pretty sure that was only 1000 sq ft of it. Wheres the rest?
Cant wait to come chrck it out!

Carmen said...

not bad...not bad at all! Way to pick the house that trumps all the neighbors. From that backyard shot the next door neighbors place looks so tiny. I'm super excited for you, it's so crazy because Brett and I have been looking at places out here and they look like complete dumps compared to that and they cost like 5 times more. sorta makes me think twice! Love the shot of Jack checking himself out, he is seriously such a cute boy. Can't wait for he and Jackson to meet, they're gonna be buds!

Sharisa at Outstanding Occasions said...

LUCKY YOU! And yes, I would just love to munch on Violet! She is so sweet!

Camille said...

I can't decide which is better: tons of room for kids to run around in or that huge kitchen? You'll have the house looking fabulous in no time!

Jeanette said...

Nice house!! I'm excited to see what you do with it over the next few months with all your clever little decorating talents!

Jeanette and Jason said...

Yo, sweet digs. Buying is the easiest. Now it's blinds, furniture, painting, etc. Remind me to tell Mikey about the furniture auctions they do in AZ. Sweet deals on furniture - awesome first time home owner purchases.

olga said...

Everything looks awesome!!! Especially loved the last two pictures, you have some really adorable kids. I miss Jack and Violet is a beauty, those cheeks are just so cute!