things i say all the time/too much

What the what?!-I love Tina Fey and you should watch 30 Rock and try and tell me it's not hillarious.

Freak, freakin' and are you freaking kidding me?!-It really is the perfect almost bad word. I would never dream of saying the real thing though so I don't know why it seems ok.

Dangit-Jack knows this one already. Bad sign.

Bananas- as in, "crazy bananas." BTW I was saying this way before the alien Rachel Zoe was on her lame Bravo show.

Blabbity bla-just like the Seinfeld "yada yada yada" episode. It covers the crap you don't want to explain.

I'm just saying-Michael thinks it's so funny how this is my way of making a point valid.

No- for obvious reasons. Any parent who says they won't tell their child "no" is crazy or not of this world.

Douchey von douchenstein or any word with the "y von stein." Example: lamey von lamenstein

Good night!- I love how after a really hard workout I say, "good night," into the microphone all winded and go from being a 25 year old step aerobics instructor to a 60 year old shuffle board enthusiast from Florida. Lame.

So cute- I say it all the time about babies but I really mean it.

Cutie pants- this one too. It's an honest compliment.

Punkin- I almost don't call him Jack anymore and in turn he calls me Punkin' instead of Mommy. :)

Pretty girl- Let's face it, Violet is kind of a hard name to associate with a baby face.

I'm hungry- Every time I leave the house I get hungry. Every time I come home I get hungry and every time I have a single moment to breathe I am hungry. Ugh.

I'm losin' it!- this sentence comes around 12-1:00 am after the colicky episodes.

Sorry- I over apologize and it annoys people. Then I just want to apologize for apologizing. I think I learned this from the nicest girl in the world, Olga.

Thank you- if I don't say thank you to Jack he will say thank you for me and then tell me I'm welcome.

You're welcome- same explanation as above. Such a well mannered two year old.

All pao- just like this list is all done.


KaSs MiLeS said...

i say cute way too much too. especially when it comes to babies.

olga said...

I am in this post!!! Holy moly, that's pretty awesome :) I want to apologize for something, but nothing comes to mind at the moment.. LOL. Love ya!

Kayla R. said...

ha ha ha SAME!

Jeanette said...

Geeze I can't even say the things that I say without sounding horrible. Or the things that I constantly say in my head. I got to get my mind right and start saying nice things like cute all the time....