Holy S*&%

Excuse my french but can I just rant for a moment?! Seriously do any of you other moms out there miss pooping in private? I am so annoyed today by Jack and my inability to use the bathroom uninterrupted. It's like this:
"Yes it is stinky. You don't need to squish your nose into the stinky face every five seconds to remind me because I know!"
"No you can't flush the potty yet. Please move away from the back of the toilet."
"Yes Mommy is going poo poo."
"No I don't need you to wipe my bum. You can stop trying to, thanks."
"Please don't unroll the whole toilet paper roll. I don't want to wipe my bum with toilet paper off the floor today."
"No blankie doesn't need to come in the bathroom to watch the festivities. Can you leave him in your crib?"
"Yes it is na night time but lets not wrap up in blankie on the floor at Mommy's feet right next to the toilet."
"No honey, I can't hold you right now. Just give me one minute."

I am not exaggerating! These sentences were coming out of my mouth left and right. I can't help but dream of the days when I could come home, sit down and kick it on the can to read a magazine! Argh! Sometimes the little things make life so much harder to deal with. But then again, sometimes the little things also make life so much more worth it. Like the fact that my son randomly tells me he loves me, all the time, everyday. Give and take...always give and take.


Melissa said...

that's what locks are for silly! Or buckles on their high chairs with pleny o snacks.....

Summer said...

Ah yes. You articulated it PERFECTLY. :)

Kirsten said...

Ha yes! Vanessa is the same way!

Lilianne said...

My mom always said that we'd all come out of the woodwork when she was going to the bathroom. She finally stopped shutting the door because we'd bang and bang and bang and bang on the door. Poor mothers - can't we just do our business without any interruptions? Fun hanging out - let's do it again soon.

Sierra Prina said...
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