Needy Plea For Opposite Of Garage Sale Blog Post

How else did you want me to explain it? No really, if any of you have anything, I mean anything for baby girls I would gladly pay the shipping for you to send it to me. I am willing to accept any and all donations and hope that this doesn't sound too needy. I just know that my marriage will most likely end in divorce if I spend the amount of money on this baby girl that I want to. Honestly I don't expect a ton because most people have family or close friends or whatever and if they don't have that they are keeping it for the possibility of the next girl. Yay for my pathetic and desperate call for freebies! :l


Heather B said...

Well, girlfriend, you are in LUCK! YOu know I have a ton of stuff. And we'll be down there for a week at Christmas and I REALLY want to see you! Let me know what you need. I think we're coming on the 21st. Also, my sisters and I pass it all around, so I'll have to ask for it back later, but you're just as good as a sister, so no worries. Love ya!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

I'll see what I can dig up.