Thankful Tag

I was tagged by Amy to post things that I am thankful for that start with the letters of my name. I figure I should take advantage of this post by using my whole name Katherine instead of just Kat. So here goes.

K-Kitty cats. Not because I like cats at all but because it is a cute nick name for me and because when ever you ask Jack what a kitty says he goes meow. And it is the cutest meow ever.

A-Aerobics because it is keeping my legs from looking as pregnant as the rest of me and because it hurts so good.

T-The temple. I was able to go with Josie less than a week before she went into the MTC and it was such a cool experience. I always feel so grounded after.

H-Hotdogs from Costco. The best dollar fifty I will ever spend in a single day will always be on a Costco hotdog and soda.

E-Expression. I am grateful that I am free to express myself at all times through everything.

R-Remote controls. Can you imagine it if we still had to get up off the couch to change the channel?! Ugh! I probably wouldn't watch that much t.v. and what a shame that would be! ;)

I-Internet. How would I connect with my family, friends and old weird high school acquantances? How would I find out the useless information that I am so famous for?

N-My natural ability to nurture. I of course didn't realize that I had this ability until I had Jack but for me I consider this an ability that should be featured on Heroes. It's that amazing. :)

E-Eggs. I made Jack with my own eggs and now I made another baby with my own eggs. Pretty cool hugh? And a bit graphic, sorry. :I

Shanks Amy for tagging me. I tag Eevi, Melissa, Becca and Margaret. Have fun ladies!


Jill said...

Amen on remote controls. I'm thankful for all the things that facilitate my laziness - chiefly my husband. (I also like that you list remotes and aerobics in the same post...at least you've earned your right to laziness.)

By the way, on your San Diego pics...I hope you blow that fourth photo up and hang it in evey room in your house. Awesome.

Jill said...

(The photo of Jack studying the rocks...)

Kayla R. said...

oh that is a cute tag* you gotta love Aerobics!!!

Carmen said...

Brett could eat the costco dog everyday...seriously for a buck fifty you really can't go wrong...you had me all the way until the 'eggs' I guess I just never really thought to be thankful for those. Clearly I need to re-evaluate. :) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Sterling and Rachael said...

This is Rachael Bohannon, and I have to admit that I have been secretly reading your blog. I found it on Amy's blog and I love it! You make me laugh so hard! I can always count on your witty remarks to be real and that is so refreshing! I didn't know that Josie went on a mission. Where did she go? My brother Jesse is in South Africa right and he loves it. It's so fun to see what you have been up to!
PS I really wish I could take your aerobics class!

Lilianne said...

Um...hello stranger! Where have you been all my life? when are you planning to resurface? :-)

thanks for the awesome list of gratitudes. All very good things to be grateful for! Hope you're feeling fantastic...and we hope to see you soon!