A kick in the pants!

Sorry no pics this post since I am still in California but trust me, as soon as we get home there are about 300 or so to download, sort through and post!

Moving on. I just wondered if it is silly of me to always try to convince Michael to try and feel this baby kick. I am technically only 17 weeks but I swear this little bugger will come out prepared to sub my aerobics classes while I recover from delivery! I know it is hard for an "outsider" to feel what is going on inside but I just think that he should try because what if he feels it? Wouldn't that be exciting?! Maybe I am over excited. I guess I am just falling in love with every little movement and I want the love of my life to be able to do the same. Sappy, I know. Sorry.

Last tidbit. I watched Love Actually tonight on tv and let me just remind all of you who have seen it to watch it again. I also want to inform those who haven't seen it to go ahead and proceed to do so. Not only is it so funny and witty but it is so stinkin' romantic. I balled my eyes out, which officially makes this the third day in a row I have cried! Man, I am so pregnant.

Oh ok, just one last thing, for real this time. Could all of you please stop posting sentimental things. I read a post and look at your pictures and cry! Please stop being cute and sensitive and please stop having sweet moments. Thanks, by stopping you will be helping my husband's sanity return. :)


Heather B said...

You really are pregnant aren't you, crying over everything. :) (I remember crying over an Oprah that showed all the successes of Biggest Loser.) Haha, anyway, I too always tried to get Samuel to feel the baby. He was a little bit better of a sport the second time around, but not til further along when he was REALLY able to feel it. Don't worry, all us girls are like you, and all them boys like Michael. Fun to be in Cali! Can't wait for pictures.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

This is cute Kat. Lucky for you I'm not posting anything sappy. I'm a cry baby too and can't take that either! Well, I'm off to the beach. We're in Hawaii and I would like to make you feel a little jealous because you did that to me for a year. Love you.