Beautiful Hawaii

Things I'll miss about Hawaii:
1. The beach
2. The year-round perfect weather
3. Looking out my window and seeing the ocean
4. Being a block from; the beach, the mall, Waikiki, and the park
5. Living across the street from good friends
6. McCully ward
7. Running group
8. Saturday morning aerobics
9. The rooftop pool
10. The constant breeze
11. Surfing Waikiki
12. The ocean
13. Snorkeling
14. The coolness of Costco
15. The fact that everyone is poor and it's ok
16. Diamond Head
17. The Aloha spirit
18. Plate lunch
19. Waimanalo, Sandy's, Waimaea, Pipeline, Makapuu and so many more
20. Getting a tan anyday, anywhere
21. Chocolate covered macadamia nuts
22. Roselani's Ice Cream
23. Hawaiian time
24. Matsumoto's
25. Ted's Bakery
26. Plumerias
27. The Stake Center
28. Banyan Trees
29. Hawaiian music
30. Having a musical number during every sacrament meeting
31. Getting together with friends for a beach day
32. Eating out with friends
33. The open bus/trolleys full of Japanese tourists
34. T.V. night
35. Good friends
Seriously this list is getting ridiculous and it could go on and on...

Things I will not miss about Hawaii:
1. The one bedroom apartment
2. The tacky pre-furnished home furnishings
3. The ringing T.V.
4. The constant possibility of a cockroach invasion
5. Old bullet holes aka our piecer car
6. The constant swarm of tourists
7. Bringing my groceries up in an elevator
8. How expensive it is to live here
9. The pigeons
10. Kona Winds
11. Being a widow/doctor/surfers wife
12. Saying goodbye to good friends constantly
Now I am digging so I guess this list can stop. Mostly I think I won't miss the apartment and the things that go along with it. Can you believe it's been a year? Can you believe we have to leave in a month?! Excuse me while I go and bogue in the toilet...


KaSs said...

I'm sorry you're sad about leaving Hawaii. Sounds like you had an experience of a life time tho! Just document it well and return when you're a rich doctor's wife! :0)

Fullmer Family said...

I am so sad you are leaving right when i will be going there.

Jana said...

I can imagine, I was only there for a week and I still miss it!

Things I miss the most:
1. Kat and Mikey
2. Chunky
3. Kat's huge rack j/k
4. Matsumoto's (you got me hooked)
5. Those Portuguese sausage rice and egg breakfasts that you can get anywhere...even McDonald's.

I cant believe you guys already have to leave! Lee still talks about moving there all the time.

Carmen said...

So where to next? I mean seriously pretty much anywhere you go is probably going to pale in comparison so you'll have to try your hardest to make the best of it. So crazy that you got to live there, that's what most dream about!

Chelsboo said...

It seems like there is so much more pros then cons... lucky....

right now only thing that's in my pro list of living in korea is Food...

Heather B said...

well if that ain't the truth, nothin is! You hit it all on the head. It made me miss it even more. Except the ringing TV. I can't believe only a month left! Oh, and I LOVE the underwater pictures and the Shark Jammies

Jeanette & Jason said...

I feel for you guys! Especially Michael, we were just in the desert and, a total non-shocker, I didn't see a single place to surf! Stock up on the lotion, AZ heat is so extreme. By day 2 my skin was so dry my hands were itchy. We're home now but I managed to pick up some weird cough in the 6 days we were out there. It better not be valley fever!

The one great thing about Arizona that I believe you and I share, is that we have family out there. And that is some seriously good stuff! Especially when you have such a cute little one to show off!