extra! extra! wheat all about it

As many of you know I've determined I have a gluten sensitivity. It super sucks but I'm happy to know about it. I figured it out after doing a T.E.D. diet with Beck. He was sensitive to wheat during the first 3 or so months so I cut it out. When his tummy got more solid I started back in on it. I quickly realized wheat and my belly are not friends. Here are some of my negative wheat reactions.

Eczema-flares up SO bad
Stomach cramps
Dark bags under eyes
Hemorrhoids-total overshare but totally true! If you've ever had kids you're not as judgey and for that I thank you.

Is this the end of the world? No. But is it all annoying? Yes. I am at a place where I've decided to treat wheat as a splurge. Whenever I really want that brownie or cinnamon roll or even warm buttery whole wheat toast, I'll go for it knowing it might not leave me feeling my best. Otherwise I'll try to avoid it day to day.

I'm not a wheat hater. I'm not. In fact, it breaks my heart to know this and was very hard to confess and accept. I've always loved baking and consuming baked goods. Lil tangent here, I don't wanna bake gluten free. Like I said, I'll eat it on occasion but I don't want to revamp all of my recipes to figure out gluten free baking. Just not worth it to me. Sorry. I digress. I've kinda known since Tucson but didn't want to accept it. My eczema was SO BAD there and I basically lived on whole wheat toast. I know it's very dry there but still, even with steroid creams it was horrible!

I also believe my parents might be gluten sensitive. Both my parents suffer from belly/bowel issues and discomfort. I wish I could get them off the sauce. I mean wheat. It's so hard to do when everything, everywhere is made with gluten! I feel so bad for people with celiac disease. What a pain in the grass.

So there you have my self diagnosis. How do you handle wheat? Have you ever gone off it as a test run? We'll talk about dairy another day. ;)


Kory said...

That one's the worst. Out of all the allergies and food things I've dealt with, Wheat was the worst. I'm sorry. There are a lot of gluten free grains out there, but like you said, you would have to change everything you make. Luckily I have a mom and Amy to do that for me. As far as diet changes go, it gets easier as time goes by and you don't have to check everything before you eat it, you just know what you can and can't eat and you just go without sometimes. Good luck with that.

Lindy said...

I think I have the same thing Kat. When I was on the elimination diet for Blake for a little over a year I felt so so so good. My skin looked better, my digestion was better (I would have diarrhea multiple times per day), and I had more energy. This is motivating me to go off it again so I feel better. I know I'm prego, but it really is worth it to feel better, but so so so hard to make that change again.

Anonymous said...

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